Captivating Tale of Tiberius Claudius: Our Review of ‘I, Claudius’ (Vintage International)

Captivating Tale of Tiberius Claudius: Our Review of ‘I, Claudius’ (Vintage International)

Welcome to our product review blog post on “I, Claudius From the Autobiography of ‍Tiberius Claudius Born 10 B.C. Murdered and Deified A.D. 54 (Vintage International)”. As ‍avid readers and ⁣lovers of historical ‌fiction, we were delighted to get our hands on‌ this particular edition. The book, published by Vintage⁢ in its reissue edition, has⁢ truly captivated our attention with its intriguing title and promise‌ of an extraordinary journey through the life of Tiberius Claudius.​ With a paperback ⁢version consisting of 468 pages, it provides ample opportunity for readers to immerse themselves in the rich storytelling and vivid historical backdrop. So, join us as we unravel the treasures​ hidden within the pages of this mesmerizing ‍novel.

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Overview ⁣of ‌”I, Claudius From the Autobiography ⁢of Tiberius Claudius Born 10 B.C.​ Murdered and‍ Deified A.D. ⁤54 (Vintage International)”

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In “I, Claudius From⁢ the Autobiography of Tiberius Claudius Born 10‍ B.C. Murdered and Deified A.D. 54,” we‍ are transported to the fascinating world of ancient Rome. This captivating‍ reissue edition, published by Vintage, allows us ‍to delve into the enthralling life story of Tiberius Claudius, as recounted by the emperor himself. With English as the language of this paperback edition, ‌readers of all backgrounds can enjoy the‌ immersive experience⁤ of ancient Rome’s political intrigues and debaucheries, through the eyes⁢ of a man who witnessed it all.

Spanning 468⁢ pages, “I, Claudius” unveils the life and⁣ times of Tiberius Claudius with unique literary prowess. The ISBN-10: 067972477X and ISBN-13: 978-0679724773 make it easily accessible for readers aged ⁤12 years and ⁣up. Weighing in at a mere 11.6 ounces and perfectly compact with ‌dimensions of 5.14 x 1 x 7.99 inches, this paperback edition is portable and⁢ convenient, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the gripping narrative whether at home or on the go.


Publisher Language Reading age Item Weight Dimensions
Vintage; Reissue edition (October 23, 1989) English 12 years⁢ and ⁣up 11.6 ounces 5.14 x 1 x 7.99 inches

Experience the allure of ‍ancient Rome through the eyes of Tiberius Claudius by ​getting your hands on “I, Claudius From the Autobiography of Tiberius Claudius Born 10 B.C. Murdered and Deified A.D. 54” today! Fuel your imagination and embark on a journey filled with political intrigue, drama, and power struggles. Don’t miss ​out on this ⁢mesmerizing tale!

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Highlighting ⁢the remarkable storytelling and historical accuracy of “I,⁣ Claudius”

, we were thoroughly captivated by this literary masterpiece. Robert⁤ Graves skillfully brings to life the tumultuous reigns⁤ of the Julio-Claudian emperors,⁢ immersing us in‍ the dark and treacherous world of ancient Rome. The ⁣intricate plot and complex‍ characters ⁣kept us engrossed from beginning​ to end, ​as we eagerly followed the rise and fall⁤ of Tiberius Claudius.

Graves’ meticulous ⁣attention to detail is truly commendable, as he seamlessly weaves historical facts with vibrant storytelling. The book presents a vivid portrayal⁣ of Roman‌ society, its politics, and the decadence⁤ of the ⁢ruling elite. With each page, we were transported to ‌the grand⁢ palaces, aristocratic gatherings,⁢ and⁤ backroom conspiracies, feeling as if we were observing the events⁣ unfold firsthand.

What impressed us the⁤ most ⁣was the depth and authenticity of the characters. Each individual, from the deceitful Livia to the stuttering yet perceptive Claudius,‍ felt like a ⁢living, breathing person. Their‌ motivations, flaws, and ambitions were expertly portrayed, making us emotionally invested in⁢ their‍ journeys. It was truly⁤ a testament to⁤ Graves’ writing prowess.

Overall, “I, Claudius” is a must-read for ⁤history enthusiasts and anyone who appreciates engaging storytelling. Whether you’re familiar with ancient Rome or not, this book offers an immersive experience that educates and entertains. If you’re looking to be transported to a time when power, intrigue, and betrayal reigned‍ supreme, we highly recommend ⁣picking up a copy of “I, Claudius”. You won’t be disappointed.

Examining the captivating characterization and portrayal of Tiberius ‌Claudius in the novel

, we were thoroughly enthralled by the depth and ​complexity of his character. From the very‌ beginning, we found ourselves‌ empathizing with​ Tiberius​ Claudius and his struggles, as he navigates the⁤ treacherous world of ‌ancient Rome. The author did a remarkable job of‌ bringing this historical figure to life, presenting ‌him as a multifaceted individual with both strengths and weaknesses.

One aspect⁤ of Tiberius Claudius’s characterization that truly stood out to us was his intellect. Despite being physically disabled and often overlooked by those around‍ him, he possessed a sharp mind and a‌ cunning ability to observe and understand the political intrigues of his time. This made him a fascinating protagonist, as we witnessed his transformation from an underestimated outsider to a key player in the machinations of the Roman ⁢Empire.

Moreover, the portrayal of Tiberius⁣ Claudius’s relationships added an extra layer of depth to his character. Through his‍ interactions⁤ with‍ his family members ⁤and the people in his life, we saw his compassion, loyalty, and vulnerability. These nuanced‍ dynamics brought a richness to the story,‍ making Tiberius Claudius a relatable and compelling figure.

In conclusion, “I, Claudius‍ From the Autobiography of⁣ Tiberius Claudius Born 10 B.C. Murdered and Deified A.D. 54 (Vintage International)” ⁢masterfully explores the captivating characterization and portrayal of ⁢Tiberius Claudius. We highly recommend this novel to anyone‌ who enjoys historical fiction and ​wishes‌ to immerse themselves in the intriguing world ​of ⁤ancient Rome. To delve into this enthralling tale, you can⁣ find the book on Amazon by clicking here.

Delving into the intricate political⁣ intrigue and suspense that keeps readers engaged

, this book takes us on a captivating‌ journey through the⁤ tumultuous world of ancient Rome. “I, Claudius” skillfully weaves together the life story of Tiberius Claudius, a man who‌ finds himself entangled in a⁣ web ⁢of⁣ power struggles, betrayals, and murder.

The author’s masterful storytelling transports us to ​a time where political gamesmanship and manipulation ruled the empire. Through Claudius’s firsthand account, we gain insight into the complex relationships ​between the emperors, senators, and other influential figures of the era.⁢ Each page is filled with​ a sense‍ of anticipation as‌ we navigate the treacherous corridors of power, never knowing who can be trusted⁤ and who will ultimately‍ succumb to the ruthless machinations of the Roman elite.

With a keen attention to detail and a deep⁣ understanding of Roman history, the author brings this‍ tumultuous period to life ‍with vivid descriptions and well-drawn​ characters. As we immerse ourselves in the story, we can’t help but be awed by the author’s ‍ability to create an authentic and believable world full of political ​plotting and secret alliances. Whether you are a history ⁤buff or​ simply enjoy a gripping ‌tale of ​power and intrigue, ‌”I, Claudius” is a must-read that will keep you on the‍ edge of your seat from beginning to end.

Read “I, Claudius” now and embark on a journey through ancient Rome’s political labyrinth. Immerse yourself in⁣ the captivating world of power struggles and ⁢betrayal,​ and discover why‌ this book has ⁤captivated readers for decades. Get your copy today at Amazon and ⁤experience the exhilaration of the Roman Empire at your fingertips.

Specific recommendations for fans of historical fiction craving a compelling read


When it comes ⁣to indulging in the thrilling world of historical fiction, we can’t help but recommend “I, Claudius From the Autobiography of‌ Tiberius Claudius Born 10⁢ B.C. Murdered and Deified A.D. 54 (Vintage International)”. Brimming with intrigue⁣ and political drama, this timeless tale takes us on ​a journey through ancient Rome, providing a captivating glimpse into the lives of its emperors and the power struggles that defined their reigns.

One of the most‌ notable aspects of this book is ‍its meticulous attention to historical detail. From the detailed descriptions of iconic Roman architecture ⁤to the ‍intricate portrayal of​ key historical figures, the ‍author’s extensive research ⁣shines through, giving readers an authentic and​ immersive experience. We⁤ found ourselves⁣ mesmerized by the vivid tapestry of ancient Rome that ⁢the author effortlessly weaves, transporting us back in time with ​each turn of the⁢ page.

Another⁢ reason we highly recommend “I,‍ Claudius” is its masterful ‍storytelling. The narrative unfolds​ through ⁢the eyes of Tiberius ⁣Claudius, a‌ rather unlikely ‍protagonist who chronicles the tumultuous events that transpired during his lifetime.​ Through his unique perspective, we ⁣witness the rise and fall of emperors, the intricate web of political machinations, and the relentless pursuit of power. The author’s skillful blend of historical accuracy​ and compelling storytelling creates a truly gripping read that will leave you yearning​ for more.

If you’re a fan of historical fiction and crave a captivating and immersive read, “I, Claudius From ‍the Autobiography of Tiberius Claudius Born 10 B.C. Murdered and Deified A.D. 54 (Vintage International)” is a must-read. Don’t miss out on this opportunity‌ to‌ delve into⁣ the heart of ancient Rome and experience the ‍glory and turbulence of an empire that continues to fascinate to this ‌day. Click here to grab your copy and ⁤embark on an unforgettable journey through history.

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

Through the voice⁣ of Graves,‍ Claudius, or even better, Tiberius Claudius ⁢Drusus Nero ⁤Germanicus, later Emperor of Rome, tells us his ⁢story, a story of precarious survival⁣ in a world‌ of intrigue, betrayal, lies and dangerous madmen (and madwomen). Sickly, limp, deaf‌ in one ear, and ⁣stammering, Claudius⁢ is right from his⁣ birth a shy, timorous and diminished‍ boy. In consequence, almost everybody believes him to be hopelessly stupid. Everybody rejects him, except his beloved older brother Germanicus and his friend ⁤Postumus, but even these treat him only as their poor protege. His parents tend to​ his needs, but nothing else. His grandmother Livia, the most fascinating character in the book, despises and hates him. All the rest simply mock or ignore him.

Claudius, with his peculiar and acid sense of humor, tells⁢ us the ‍story beginning two generations ⁣before his birth. At the end of ‍the Civil War provoked by Julius Ceasar, Augustus (originally Octavian) attains victory⁣ and installs⁢ him as de-facto Emperor of Rome (it would be centuries later that the pretensions‍ of Republican⁢ institutions would be ​officially disappeared). Livia, a ⁤woman sick with ambition⁣ and lust for ‌power,‍ divorces Claudius’s grandfather and ‌marries ⁣Augustus. Thus‌ begins a story⁤ of ⁣centralization of power, of poisonings​ and blackmailing, ⁣of a ‌power-behind-the-throne ⁢which makes Lady Macbeth look like an innocent school girl. Livia is a portent: she‍ possesses incredible political and administrative skills, and she becomes the perfect partner of the noble, capable, but sometimes naive Augustus,⁤ who ​consults with ‍her​ every⁢ matter. Augustus plays good cop: he is honest and ‌magnanimous, the friendly face of the regime. Livia ⁤does all⁣ the dirty work, ‍with dedication and efficiency. For a moment,⁢ the Empire ceases its expansionist efforts, and the resources are dedicated to consolidation of frontiers and ‌to the strengthening of ​infrastructure and administrative apparatus.⁤ A spirit of sacrifice and ⁣service prevails. Heroes abound, remarkably Drusus, Claudius’s father, and then Germanicus, the older brother and true Hero of Rome. Both men preserve ideas about​ Republican restoration, something they will pay dearly for.

While many things are ⁣passing, Claudius grows⁤ up silently in the shadow. Little by⁢ little, some people (his two friends, his two servants and‍ his two teachers) discover that the family fool is‌ in fact a clever, observant, just and gentle guy. But no one else notices, which is exactly what saves his life, since no one envies him or feels he is a threat.

When he is ‌thirteen, still living in Rome, Claudius falls in love with ⁤an angelic creature, his soulmate, to whom⁤ he is promised in marriage. I won’t spoil for you what⁣ happens⁢ the​ day of the wedding, but ⁣suffice⁤ it to say that his subsequent married life will⁣ be horrible.

During the following years,‌ Claudius retires‌ to live at his villa in Capua,⁤ where his only company are some‍ faithful servants ‌and the two successive ‌prostitutes who become his only true ⁣friends.⁣ After Augustus’s death, the obscure Tiberius raises to the throne. Tiberius ⁢is a ‌capable politician, soldier and administrator, but he is also​ a sexual degenerate,‌ a puppet in the hands of his mother Livia, who progressively becomes a‌ paranoid murderer​ and an⁢ intolerable tyrant. Tiberius’s years ‍are for ‌Claudius a time of great intellectual achievements (he is‍ an historian and writer),⁣ as well as a time of a⁤ personal nightmare, for one by one his loved ones are murdered by ⁣Tiberius and Livia. Then Tiberius’s debacle sets in‍ and he is succeeded by Caligula. Claudius’s‌ nephew and Livia’s grand-grandson (Livia finally dies at age 86) begins his reign⁤ as a benevolent and generous ruler. But one day, after⁢ a month of sickness, Caligula sends for‌ Claudius and tells him the ‌real truth: He is God, more powerful than Jupiter. What ‌follows, horrible but fun to read, is⁤ the crazed story of a living Devil. Dispen, negligence, murder, degenerate orgies and almost the ruin of the Empire, until the furious masses kill Caligula and crown the ultimate⁣ survivor, the only capable​ man left alive but who, alas, doesn’t want to be Emperor.

Thus ‍finishes the first part of Claudius’s life, masterfully told by a Classicist, poet and narrator of the first order. This is one of the bloodiest and cruelest books​ you’ll ever going to read, but it is extremely‌ entertaining, illuminating and solid.

What is it about the Romans ‍that captivates‌ us?

What is it about the Romans and their history that makes reading a book about their lives ​not only educational, but ‍also very entertaining? I suppose ⁢a lot of it ⁤has to do ‌with the ‍people​ themselves. With all the intrigue, scheming, conspiracy⁤ and illicit affairs⁤ going on, you tend to forget that⁣ these people actually ​existed in real-life and are not just characters you could easily find​ in‍ a modern-day soap opera. It’s thoughts such as these ​that ran through our minds as we read Robert Graves’ I, ​Claudius.

While you did get all the ‍intrigue surrounding Claudius,‌ it​ wasn’t at‍ the expense ⁢of the quality of information in this “autobiography” by Claudius. This book may be about Claudius’ life and his account of the major events ‍and people in his life, but the wealth of information⁣ about ⁢Roman life is‌ impressive. Through Claudius, Graves provided details of what happened behind‍ the scenes of the Senate and the various Emperors ‌that reigned during his life.⁣ You get insight⁢ into the ‌culture and political scene of the times.​ Reading⁣ Claudius’ narrative, we were really ‍drawn into⁢ the intricate web of lies ‍and ‍conspiracies that were prevalent and by those who were the main‍ perpetrators such as Livia, Claudius’ grandmother. While this is a historical account of Claudius’ time, you never get the sense that you’re reading⁣ a history book. Having the book‌ be an “autobiography” of Claudius ⁤enabled Graves to tell historical events as if Claudius was telling a story. It prevented the book from having a stale and monotonous tone which would’ve made it difficult for us ‌to keep our attention.

We appreciated the depth of information involved in this book. You can tell ⁢that time and research went into putting this ‌book together. And to have it all told in such a way that you were able to learn while being entertained is ‌what ⁤made this book an enjoyable read for⁣ us. With all the scheming and determined cast of characters, ⁤it’s easy to forget these are actual historical figures. I suppose it’s ​easy to ​read books such as these ‌when those involved do things that make it ​difficult for you to turn away.

Customer Rating Review
Customer 1 5 Es un magnifico ​libro para quien⁤ le guste ha historia novelada.
Customer 2 5 Bought to ‌replace original⁤ old‍ book that had fallen to pieces with​ age! ⁤Still as entertaining as⁤ ever.
Customer 3 3 buono
Customer 4 4 Excellent book written imaginatively with ‍a lot of details about ⁣life in Roman times. Although it is a work of fiction, it is based on historically verifiable⁣ facts. A good read.
Customer 5 4 Underhållande och bra skriven​ fiktiv historia om en historisk person.

Pros & Cons


  1. Captivating storytelling:⁤ The tale of Tiberius Claudius is incredibly engaging, pulling the readers into the intriguing world of⁤ ancient Rome.
  2. Historical accuracy: The author, Robert Graves, ‍extensively researched the Roman Empire, offering⁢ readers a detailed and authentic portrayal of the era.
  3. Character development: The characters in the book are well-developed, enabling readers to⁤ form deep⁣ connections⁣ and emotions towards them.
  4. Insight ⁤into Roman politics: “I, Claudius” provides a fascinating look into the political intricacies ‍of ancient ⁤Rome, highlighting the power struggles and corruption of​ the time.
  5. Well-paced plot: ‌The storyline unfolds smoothly, keeping readers engaged and eager to​ discover the next twist ⁤and turn in Claudius’⁣ life.


  1. Lengthy exposition: Some readers ⁤may find the extensive historical background⁣ information overwhelming or tedious, especially if they are not familiar with Roman history.
  2. Dense writing style:‌ The prose can be dense and intricate, requiring readers to invest time and focus to fully grasp the story.
  3. Slow start: The novel takes a bit of time to build momentum, and some readers may find ⁢it challenging to stay engaged ‌in the beginning.
  4. Complexity‍ of characters: While the character development is​ a positive aspect, the ​multitude of names and ⁢relationships can be ⁤confusing ⁤for readers ‌who are not well-versed in Roman history.

Disclaimer: The opinions presented in this ⁤blog post are our own ⁣and based on personal experience and research. We encourage ⁢readers ​to explore various perspectives and conduct additional research before making a purchase decision.


Q: Is​ “I, Claudius” an‌ engaging read?
A: Absolutely! We were completely captivated by the story of ⁤Tiberius‍ Claudius from start to finish. The unique narrative style and attention​ to historical detail make ⁣it ‍a truly compelling read.

Q: ‍What is the reading ⁣age for this book?
A: The reading age for “I,‍ Claudius” ⁣is listed as 12 ⁣years and up. However, we⁣ feel that readers of ⁢all‌ ages can appreciate and enjoy ⁣this fascinating tale⁤ of​ Roman history.

Q: ​How long is the book?
A:⁣ The paperback edition of⁣ “I, Claudius” has 468 pages. It offers a substantial reading experience that ⁤allows‍ for deep immersion into⁢ the rich world⁤ of ancient Rome.

Q: Can you provide more information about the publisher?
A: “I, Claudius” is published by Vintage. This edition ⁢is⁤ a reissue from October 23,‍ 1989. Vintage is known for its⁤ commitment to quality literature and has ⁢a‍ wide range of ⁢acclaimed titles in its catalog.

Q: Is this book available ‍in English only?
A: Yes, “I, Claudius” is available in English. The language of the book allows readers to fully appreciate the intricacies of‌ the‍ storytelling and the brilliant prose.

Q: What are the dimensions ⁤and weight of the book?
A: The dimensions of the paperback edition of “I, Claudius”⁣ are 5.14 x 1 x 7.99 inches. It weighs 11.6 ounces, making it a convenient size for ​carrying and reading on the go.

Q: Can you share the ISBN numbers for this book?
A:‌ Certainly!‍ The ⁢ISBN-10 is 067972477X and the ISBN-13 is 978-0679724773. These ⁤numbers ‌can be used ⁢to easily ​locate and ​order “I, Claudius” from⁣ various online and physical ​retailers.

Q: Is there a way to report an issue with the product or seller?
A: Yes, if ‌you encounter any issues⁣ with the product or seller, you can click ⁤on the provided ‍link to report them. This ensures ⁢that your concerns are ⁣addressed ‍promptly and appropriately.

Experience the Difference

In conclusion, “I, Claudius” by Tiberius Claudius is a truly​ captivating tale that transports readers to ancient Rome. The intricate plot, rich character development, and historical depth make this book a‍ must-read for any history enthusiast or lover of great storytelling.

From the moment we delved into the pages of this reissue⁤ edition by Vintage International, ⁣we were spellbound by Tiberius Claudius’ unique⁤ perspective ‌on the Roman Empire. The ‍way the author brings to life the political intrigues, power struggles, and ‌family dynamics of the⁢ Julio-Claudian dynasty is nothing short of brilliant.

What sets “I, Claudius” ⁢apart is its ability to effortlessly⁤ combine fiction and history, blurring the lines⁢ between reality and storytelling. As we journey ​with Claudius ⁢from his‍ childhood through the reigns of Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, and beyond, we are treated to a narrative ⁣that is both educational ⁣and⁢ entertaining.

The language and writing style of this paperback ​are accessible, making it suitable for ⁣readers as young as ​12 years old.‌ With 468 pages packed with suspense, drama,​ and unexpected twists, the book is the perfect companion for long evenings and ⁣lazy⁢ weekends.

Overall, ⁢we wholeheartedly recommend “I, Claudius” to ‍anyone ⁤seeking a gripping historical fiction that immerses you in the world of ancient ‌Rome.⁢ Don’t miss out on this literary‍ gem!

Ready to embark on this extraordinary journey through time? Get your own copy of “I, Claudius” by Tiberius Claudius on Amazon⁣ now!

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