Delightful Day of the Dead Design: Fred’s Pantry Bag Clips Review

Delightful Day of the Dead Design: Fred’s Pantry Bag Clips Review

We recently had the opportunity to try out the SNACK SPIRITS⁣ Bag Clips, ​and we have to say, ⁣we were pleasantly surprised by how fun and functional these clips are! With a⁣ molded Day⁣ of the Dead skull design, these colorful Calaveras clips not only keep⁣ your snacks fresh but also add a⁢ pop of⁤ color to your pantry. The set comes with 4 spring-loaded ⁢bag​ clips,⁢ each measuring 1.4″ x⁢ 2.2″, ‍made from ​durable ABS plastic ‌with stainless steel springs. These unique clips are not only practical but⁤ also make a great gift for any occasion. Keep reading to find out ⁢why we think these Snack Spirits ‌bag clips are⁢ a must-have for any snack lover!

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The Snack​ Spirits ⁣Bag Clips ​are a fun and functional addition to any kitchen, adding a touch of color and personality to your pantry. With a unique Day of the ⁢Dead skull design, these clips‌ are sure to ⁣stand out and keep your snacks fresh‍ for longer. Each​ clip ⁣is‍ crafted from durable ⁢ABS plastic with stainless ⁢steel springs, ensuring they ⁢are ‌built to last and maintain a tight seal on your bags.

With their practical spring-loaded design, these bag clips expand easily without breaking, making ⁣them a convenient and reliable option for food storage. The set‌ of 4 brightly-colored‍ clips make ​for a great gift for any occasion, from gift exchanges to housewarming parties. Give your snacks eternal crunch and elevate your pantry game with the Snack Spirits Bag Clips. Don’t miss out, get yours today! Check it out here!

Unique Day of ⁣the Dead Design

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Looking for a ​fun and unique way to keep your snacks fresh and crunchy?​ Look no further than ‍these Snack⁣ Spirits Bag ​Clips! With⁤ a colorful Day of the Dead skull‌ design, these clips will not only keep your snacks sealed tight ⁢but also add a pop of color to your pantry. Made from durable ABS plastic ⁣with stainless steel springs, these clips are built to last.

Each set includes 4‌ brightly-colored sugar skull and ‍Calavera designed clips, each measuring approximately 1.4″ x 2.2″. These versatile clips expand easily without breaking, ensuring a tight‌ seal ⁢to keep your snacks fresh. Whether you’re‌ looking‌ for a practical addition to your kitchen or a ‍unique gift for a friend, these Snack Spirits Bag⁢ Clips are​ sure to ‍impress. Add some fun and functionality to your snack storage ‌today! Get yours now!

Secure ⁢and Convenient Food Storage

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When it comes to keeping our snacks⁤ fresh and crunchy, these Snack Spirits bag clips​ have got ⁢us covered. The sugar-skull-inspired design adds a fun and colorful⁢ touch to our ⁤pantry while ensuring our snacks stay free ‌from staleness. With their durable construction, these clips are built to last, thanks to the ABS ‌plastic and stainless steel springs used in their making.

Not only are these clips practical ‍and functional, but they also make for a unique and thoughtful gift idea. Whether ⁤it’s for a gift exchange, hostess gift, or housewarming party, these Day of the Dead​ inspired chip clips are sure to be a hit. So​ why settle for boring bag clips when you can add a touch of fun and style to your snack storage? ‍Get your hands on these Snack ‍Spirits bag clips now and ⁣say goodbye to stale snacks forever. Order yours today!

Recommendations⁢ and⁤ Final Thoughts

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In conclusion, we highly recommend the‍ SNACK SPIRITS Bag Clips for ⁢anyone looking to add a touch of fun and functionality to their pantry ⁣storage solutions. The unique sugar skull design not only keeps your snacks ⁤fresh but also adds a pop of color to ​your kitchen. These clips are not only practical but also durable, thanks to⁣ the quality ⁣ABS plastic construction. Whether‍ you’re looking for a great gift idea ⁤or simply want to upgrade your own snack organization, these bag clips are sure‌ to ​impress.

With Fred’s Snack⁤ Spirits bag clips, you‌ can⁣ say goodbye to stale⁢ snacks and hello to eternal crunch. The⁤ spring-loaded design ensures a tight seal on your bags, ⁢keeping ​your treats fresh for longer. The set of four colorful Calavera clips adds a festive touch to any pantry, making them a great conversation starter. Don’t miss⁤ out on⁤ this unique and practical addition to⁤ your kitchen – get your set today and add some flair to your snack storage! ⁤Visit our Amazon link to make your⁤ purchase now.

Customer Reviews⁤ Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After reviewing customer feedback on ⁢the SNACK SPIRITS Bag Clips ‍featuring a Molded Day of the⁢ Dead skull design, we noticed a mix of opinions regarding the functionality and design of‌ the product.‍ Here is a summary of what ⁣customers had to say:

Customer Review
Customer 1 Unique pigeon clip magnets! They feel sturdy and the​ printing looks like it won’t chip‌ or scratch⁣ easily. Love them.
Customer ⁤2 Bought these to clip treats onto ‍my Quaker parrot’s cage them so much I sent some to the⁢ wonderful people who raised him as a wee baby.
Customer ‍3 I’m a sucker for cute. If something catches my eye, I’m much more likely to remember ​to use⁤ it. These magnet backed birds crack ⁢me up and ​work well enough.⁣ The ⁤material is⁣ a smidge thin and ‍the bird bodies aren’t the most efficient‌ or space saving size, but their dumb little faces make ’em worthwhile. ‍I wouldn’t recommend them for larger or ⁢heavy snack ⁢bags closure. If you go⁣ in with the expectation that their feet⁢ aren’t the strongest, these are fun and mostly functional lil guys.
Customer 4 No⁣ issue at all with these bag‌ clips! They have not broken⁣ off and​ look very cute when in use! Highly recommend to bird lovers/or anyone who likes quirky things!
Customer 5 I’m absolutely obsessed with these bag⁤ clips.‌ They look so adorable and I⁤ love the ⁣fact that they’re magnetic as well so I have a bunch of pigeons on my​ fridge. They are a ⁤bit smaller than I expected though. I‌ don’t ‌think⁣ one of ⁣these would be able to hold a family ​size bag of ⁤chips well but it ⁣definitely holds smaller bags well. I haven’t had any of the magnets come ⁤off from the ​birds yet either so that’s a plus.
Customer⁤ 6 Those pigeon magnetic clips are SO‌ CUTE!! You can simply use them⁢ as refrigerator magnets, stick them on any iron surface, or use​ them as clips, ‍which is also very practical. And just looking at these cute⁢ and silly pigeons, your mood will improve ​throughout the​ day. Perfect as a gift!
Customer 7 Cute? Yes. Good clips for bags? No. The clips don’t grip enough, so the ⁢bag will slightly uncurl. If you’ve rolled the bag only a couple of ‌times ​before you put the ​clip on, ‍you ⁤might have stale chips because ​it will let air in. The grip part of the clips are small and plastic. There’s⁣ nothing on them to prevent the clip from sliding off the side ‍of the bag. The best use for these is maybe hold a picture or a piece of paper. However, since ‍the magnet isn’t very‍ strong, whatever you clip can’t be too heavy because the magnet will not ⁣hold for very long. I’m disappointed that I can’t use these as ⁣bag clips, but I’ll keep them on my ‍fridge⁤ because they’re cute.
Customer 8 The ⁣Genuine Fred ⁤Peckish magnetic clips are perfect for anyone who enjoys ⁤quirky items. The birds’ feet are narrow, so keep that in mind‌ for your chip clipping. These also‍ work as simple magnetic clips for your grocery list or other notes, ​but I would not recommend using⁤ them with more than 1-2 small sheets.

Overall, the⁣ SNACK SPIRITS Bag Clips with a Day of the Dead⁤ skull design received positive feedback for their cute and unique aesthetic, with‌ some customers praising their sturdy construction and magnetized backs. However, there⁤ were concerns raised about the clip’s grip strength, ⁣particularly for heavier or larger bags. ‍It seems ​that while these bag clips may not be suitable for all ‌types of food​ storage needs, they do⁢ make for delightful decorative pieces for fridge or magnetic surfaces.

Pros & Cons

Pros⁤ & Cons


1.⁢ Unique Design Stand out with these colorful sugar skull clips in your pantry.
2. Practical Use Spring-loaded design keeps snacks fresh and ⁣crunchy.
3. Quality ​Materials Durable ABS plastic ‌ensures long-lasting use.
4. Great Gift Idea Perfect for gift exchanges or ‌housewarming ⁣parties.


1. Limited Size Range May not fit larger bags or packages.
2. Not Dishwasher Safe Hand washing recommended‌ for longevity.
3. Design Preference Not everyone may appreciate the Day of the Dead aesthetic.
4. Limited​ Quantity Set includes ‍only 4 clips;⁤ may need more‌ for larger snack collections.


Q: Are the⁢ Snack Spirits Bag Clips easy to use?
A: Yes, the Snack Spirits Bag Clips are​ very easy to⁢ use. ‌They have a spring-loaded design that ‌expands easily without breaking and keeps ⁤a tight seal on your bags.

Q: How durable are⁤ the Snack ​Spirits Bag Clips?
A: The Snack Spirits Bag Clips are constructed from​ durable ABS plastic with stainless steel springs, so they are built to last. You can use them over and ‌over again without worrying about them breaking.

Q: Are the Snack Spirits Bag Clips a good gift idea?
A: Absolutely! The unique Day‌ of the Dead ⁤design makes them a fun and practical gift for any occasion.‍ They are perfect for gift exchanges, hostess​ gifts, housewarming parties, and more.

Q: How many clips come in a⁣ set?
A: Each set of Snack⁢ Spirits Bag Clips comes ​with⁢ 4 brightly-colored sugar skull / Calavera designed clips. Each clip measures ⁢approximately 1.4″ x ‍2.2″.

Q: Can‌ I use the Snack Spirits Bag Clips for other types of bags besides ‍snacks?
A: Yes, ⁢you can use the‌ Snack Spirits Bag Clips for a variety of bags, such as chips, cookies, crackers,⁤ and more. They are ⁤versatile and ⁢can help keep all your food fresh.

Experience⁤ Innovation

As we wrap up our review of Fred’s Pantry Bag‍ Clips, ‌we can’t help but be enamored by the delightful Day of the‌ Dead ‍design that these⁣ Snack Spirits bring to our pantry. Not only⁣ do⁣ they keep our snacks fresh and crunchy,‌ but they also add a colorful touch to our kitchen decor.

With their practical ‍functionality, quality materials, and unique design, these bag clips are truly a standout product. Whether you’re treating yourself or looking for the perfect gift, Fred’s Snack Spirits bag clips are sure to impress.

Don’t miss out on adding these ‌fun and functional bag clips to⁣ your collection. Click here to snag‍ your​ set now: Get your Snack Spirits Bag Clips now! Cheers to keeping your ‌snacks fresh and your pantry looking stylish with Fred’s Pantry Bag Clips!

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