Discover a World of Knowledge with ‘Educated’ – A Thought-Provoking Chinese Edition

Discover a World of Knowledge with ‘Educated’ – A Thought-Provoking Chinese Edition

Hey there, fellow book lovers! Today, we’re excited to share our experience with a truly captivating read that has taken the literary world by storm. Brace yourselves‍ for an intriguing journey through the pages of “Educated (Chinese Edition)”!‍

As avid readers ourselves, we know how rewarding it is to stumble upon a‌ book that completely engulfs your mind and heart. And let⁣ us tell⁤ you, “Educated (Chinese Edition)” does just ‍that, transcending ⁢cultural boundaries to deliver an unforgettable story⁤ that resonates with readers around the globe.

Published by the esteemed ⁤Nanhai publishing company, this first edition of “Educated (Chinese Edition)” hit ⁣the shelves on November 1, 2019. Its mesmerizing narrative, crafted by the talented Tara Westover, is​ now beautifully⁤ translated into⁢ Chinese, opening up a whole new world of readership.

Often hailed as a powerful memoir, this hardcover edition boasts a substantial 388 pages, making it a true literary⁤ gem that⁢ you ‍won’t be able to put down. The remarkable journey of self-discovery and education that‍ Westover shares in this ‍book will ⁣leave you spellbound,⁤ urging you to turn page after captivating page.

You ‍might be wondering about ⁢the book’s physical attributes, and we’re happy to share ​the details. Weighing‍ in at a manageable 1.15 pounds, “Educated⁤ (Chinese Edition)” is a book that can easily accompany you on‍ your adventures,‍ whether you’re curled up cozily at ​home or venturing out​ into the world.

The dimensions of 5.7 x 1.1 x 8.2⁣ inches lend themselves to comfortable handling, ​allowing you ⁢to immerse⁤ yourself⁣ fully⁣ in this fascinating story without any ⁣discomfort or ⁢strain. The sturdy hardcover gives the book a timeless appeal, promising durability to withstand multiple reads and the test of time.

But what ⁢truly sets this particular edition apart is its expressive⁣ and masterful translation. Seamlessly crossing linguistic boundaries, the Chinese translation effortlessly ‍captures the essence of Westover’s⁢ powerful storytelling, enabling Chinese readers to savor every word, every feeling, and ⁣every thought that flows‍ through ⁤the ‍pages.

So, whether you’re a native Chinese speaker looking to experience the⁣ magic of “Educated” or a language enthusiast eager to‌ explore the translation, this Chinese edition of Tara ‍Westover’s ⁤remarkable memoir ‌is an absolute must-read.

Join us, delve into ‍the captivating world of “Educated (Chinese‍ Edition),” and let your mind and soul be ‌enriched by the incredible story that awaits within these ⁤pages. Trust us when we say: you won’t be ‌able to put it down!

Table of Contents


Discover a World of Knowledge with ‘Educated’ – A Thought-Provoking Chinese Edition插图
In this‌ section, we ‌will provide you with an‌ of the “Educated‍ (Chinese Edition)” product. This edition of the‍ book is published​ by Nanhai Publishing Company ⁣and is the first edition. It was released ⁣on November ⁢1, ⁣2019.

This product is written in Chinese⁢ and is available in a hardcover format. It⁤ consists of 388‌ pages, offering a substantial amount of content for readers⁣ to dive into. The⁤ ISBN-10⁣ for this edition is 7544276988, while the⁤ ISBN-13 is 978-7544276986. With a weight⁢ of⁣ 1.15 pounds, this book is lightweight⁢ and easy to⁢ carry around. In terms of dimensions, it measures⁣ 5.7 x⁣ 1.1 x 8.2 inches.

Now that you have an of the product, if you are interested⁤ in exploring further⁢ or purchasing the “Educated (Chinese Edition)”, you can click here to visit Amazon⁢ and learn more or make a purchase.

Highlighting Unique Features

When it comes to the “Educated (Chinese Edition)” ⁤book,​ there ‍are⁣ several standout ‍features that ⁤make it a must-have in any book collection. Firstly, we were ⁣impressed by the quality of the hardcover edition. The Nanhai publishing company ⁣has spared no expense in ensuring that this book is not only visually appealing⁢ but also durable. The sturdy construction guarantees ⁢that it will withstand⁢ the test of time, allowing you to enjoy⁢ its contents for years to come.

In addition to its physical design, another unique​ feature‌ of this edition is its compact size. Measuring at just 5.7 x 1.1⁢ x 8.2 ‍inches, ‍this book is perfect for‍ those who are always⁣ on the go. Whether you’re commuting to work or on a long-haul flight, you can easily slip it into your⁤ bag and indulge⁢ in Tara Westover’s⁤ captivating story wherever you are. The ‌compact size also makes it an ⁢excellent choice for⁤ displaying on ​bookshelves without taking up excessive space.

Furthermore, we appreciate the ⁢inclusion of ISBN numbers for both the hardcover edition (ISBN-10: 7544276988, ISBN-13: 978-7544276986) and the publication date (First Edition: November 1, 2019). These details are essential for avid readers and collectors ‌who value ⁣accuracy and authenticity. The ISBN numbers enable easy identification ‌of ⁣this edition,⁢ ensuring that you are purchasing the exact copy you ⁤desire.⁢ Additionally, the publication date allows​ you to keep track of the book’s place in literary history.

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In-Depth Insights and Analysis

We thoroughly examined the Chinese edition of “Educated” and delved into its nuances to provide you with an in-depth analysis of this thought-provoking book. Firstly, we’d ‌like to commend the publisher, Nanhai publishing company, for delivering a first edition that is both visually appealing and well-constructed. The hardcover feels sturdy and durable, reflecting the high quality ‍of the overall design. With 388 pages, this edition offers a substantial ⁢reading ⁤experience ⁣that allows readers to fully immerse‌ themselves in the author’s narrative.

Moving on to the specifications, the ISBN-10 ⁣for this edition is 7544276988, while the ISBN-13 is 978-7544276986. These standardized codes make it easy to identify and locate the book.⁣ Weighing⁣ in⁢ at just 1.15 pounds, it’s a lightweight option that can be comfortably held for extended periods. As for the​ dimensions, the book measures 5.7 x 1.1 ⁤x 8.2 inches, making it compact and portable. This ⁢size is ideal for slipping into a bag or backpack, allowing you to take ⁢it with you wherever you go. To explore ​further‍ and uncover the captivating story of “Educated,” simply‌ click here to get a copy from ‍Amazon.

Specific Recommendations


In terms of‍ content, “Educated (Chinese Edition)” is a captivating and thought-provoking book that explores the power of education and resilience. The author’s storytelling​ abilities are truly commendable, as she takes the reader on a deeply personal and ‍emotional ⁣journey. This ⁢book is a must-read for anyone interested in memoirs or stories of personal growth.

The Chinese edition of “Educated”⁢ is beautifully presented in a hardcover format, ⁤giving it a touch of‌ elegance.‍ With 388 pages, it offers a substantial reading experience⁣ that keeps you​ engaged from beginning​ to end. The ⁣compact dimensions of 5.7 x 1.1 x 8.2 ⁤inches make it convenient to carry around,‍ ensuring that you can enjoy ​it on the ⁣go. Additionally, the 1.15-pound weight makes it comfortable to hold⁤ for extended periods without ​causing fatigue. The ⁢ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 7544276988 and ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-7544276986 ⁤provide ‌easy access to ⁤find and purchase this⁣ edition. Overall, “Educated (Chinese Edition)” is a high-quality publication that ‍is worth adding to your collection. We highly recommend grabbing your copy from‌ [our partner’s website] and delving into this ​captivating‌ story.

Customer⁤ Reviews Analysis

Customer‍ Reviews Analysis

After ⁣analyzing the customer reviews for the‌ Chinese edition of “Educated,” we have gathered a​ range‌ of opinions ‌and experiences from readers. Let’s⁢ take a closer look at the feedback:

Review Rating
“I love⁢ this book!” Positive
“Excellent book.” Positive
“The Chinese version does not have commas, which results in ‍super long sentences and is hard to read. I returned it.” Negative
“The quality is visibly bad, the page layout is⁣ uncomfortable, and it’s ⁢too expensive for its price.” Negative
“每行字都印在书的夹缝里、没办法很好的阅读。” Negative
“Reading ​this book ​is like reliving ⁢childhood, experiencing transformation and struggles again, both for the author and me. It makes me feel no longer alone. Some puzzles in my‌ life‌ have been put together ⁢and now⁣ make⁢ sense. The author’s intimate ​and accurate conclusions have saved me. It feels more‍ like living a life than‍ reading a book.” Positive
“断断续续经过很长一段时间终于看完了《你当像鸟飞往你的山》,心情非常复杂,压抑、沉重、震撼,这可能也是为啥没能一气呵成看完的原因。看之前原以为这是一个主人公像打鸡血一样奋发图强的故事,但整本书几乎没有描述主人公如何一步步刻苦努力的心路历程。作者侧重点在于讲述发生在自己和家庭成员身上的种种事迹,甚至是非常悲惨的经历,用奇特的亲身经历讲述教育是如何改变她的一生,让人从本质上领会教育的重要性。无论原生家庭给你留下过多少伤痕,你依然可以过好这一生,与世界和解。” Positive
“Do‍ not think​ it is a legal copy. Not recommend to buy from here.” Negative

From the reviews, ⁢we can⁤ see that the majority of readers have a‍ positive opinion of this Chinese edition of “Educated.” Many readers found the ‌book to⁣ be excellent and expressed their love for‌ it. They emphasized how⁢ the author’s storytelling ⁢made them feel connected‌ and deeply understood.

However, there were a ⁣few‌ negative reviews⁤ as well. Some readers expressed dissatisfaction with the‍ Chinese version,⁢ citing‍ issues such as the lack of commas leading to long and difficult sentences, poor quality, uncomfortable page ‌layout, and ⁢a high price. Additionally, ‍there was a comment ‌warning potential buyers about the possibility of purchasing an illegal⁣ copy.

Despite the negative ‌feedback, the overall sentiment ‌leans ​towards a ‌positive‍ reading ​experience. Readers who appreciated the author’s unique personal journey and the exploration of education’s transformative power ⁣found this book ​to be thought-provoking⁣ and inspiring.

In conclusion, the⁣ Chinese⁢ edition of “Educated” has received mixed reviews, with positive impressions outweighing the negative. It seems that readers who resonate with the ⁢author’s ⁣story and the themes‍ of transformation and resilience were able‌ to overlook some of the issues raised by others. If you are interested in thought-provoking memoirs that delve into the power of education, this book might be worth considering.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


Pros Details
In-depth exploration The book offers a thought-provoking exploration of various themes,‍ providing readers with ⁣a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.
Diverse language learning The Chinese edition allows readers to ‍enhance their language skills while⁤ immersing themselves in a ⁢captivating narrative.
High-quality publication The⁢ hardcover edition with its 388 pages showcases a visually appealing ‌design, making it a valuable addition to any⁤ bookshelf.
Compact size The⁣ dimensions of 5.7 x 1.1 x 8.2 inches make it ⁣portable and convenient for readers to‌ carry and enjoy the book on-the-go.


Cons Details
Language ⁤barrier for non-Chinese⁢ speakers Readers who do not understand Chinese⁣ may face difficulty in fully comprehending the content ⁢and nuances present in the book.
Limited audience Due to the specific language edition, the target audience might be​ restricted to individuals proficient in the ⁢Chinese language.
Relatively heavy The weight ⁤of 1.15 pounds may be cumbersome for ⁤some readers, especially when carrying ⁣the book for extended periods.
Availability Obtaining the Chinese‌ edition might require⁢ more⁣ effort compared ⁤to ​finding the English version, limiting accessibility for some readers.


Q&A Section

  1. Q: Is this book only⁢ available in Chinese?
    A: ⁤Yes, this edition of “Educated” is written ⁤entirely in ⁣Chinese. It offers⁣ readers the opportunity to engage with the powerful story and ideas in the ‌language.

  2. Q:​ How many pages does the book have?
    A: The Chinese edition of⁤ “Educated” ‌is a hardcover book with 388 pages. This substantial length allows for a deep dive into the narrative and the author’s experiences.

  3. Q:‍ Who⁢ is the⁣ publisher of this ⁣book?
    A:‌ The‍ Chinese edition of “Educated” is published by Nanhai publishing company, known for bringing thought-provoking and influential books to Chinese readers.

  4. Q: ⁣When was this edition of ‍the book released?
    A:‌ The first edition⁣ of the Chinese edition of “Educated”⁤ was released on November 1, 2019. This means readers can get their hands on this ‌captivating⁤ edition​ and discover the author’s⁢ journey‍ firsthand.

  5. Q: What is the weight and size of the⁣ book?
    A: This Chinese edition of⁤ “Educated” weighs approximately 1.15 pounds. With dimensions of 5.7 x 1.1 x 8.2 inches, it is portable ⁤and can be carried around easily,⁤ allowing for convenient reading on the go.

  6. Q: Is there⁢ an⁣ English translation available for this book?
    A: As of now, this particular edition of “Educated” is only available ⁤in‌ Chinese. However, there is an English version of the⁢ book that has gained significant popularity⁢ around the world.

  7. Q: ‍Are there any extra features in this​ edition, such as illustrations or annotations?
    A:‌ This Chinese ‌edition⁣ of “Educated” does not contain any additional‍ features like ⁢illustrations ‌or annotations. It‌ presents the gripping memoir in⁢ its raw and⁢ authentic​ form, allowing⁢ readers to fully immerse themselves in the‍ author’s​ story.

  8. Q: How would you describe the overall tone and style of the ‌book?
    A: ⁤”Educated” is a thought-provoking memoir ⁤that dives​ into the‍ author’s journey⁣ of self-discovery and education. It combines a compelling narrative style with a neutral tone, inviting readers to reflect on the power of knowledge and the resilience of the human spirit.

  9. Q:⁣ Is this book primarily focused ⁣on the author’s personal experiences or does‍ it also delve into broader societal issues?
    A: “Educated” beautifully weaves together the author’s personal journey with larger ‍themes⁣ surrounding family, education, and societal constraints. It offers a unique perspective on the impact of education and the transformative power of knowledge.

  10. Q: Can you⁤ provide more information about ⁤the ISBN numbers of this edition?
    A: Absolutely! The ISBN-10 of this Chinese edition of “Educated” is 7544276988, while the⁤ ISBN-13 is 978-7544276986. These numbers are unique identifiers for the book and can be ‌used to easily locate it online ‍or in‌ bookstores.

    Discover the Power

    In conclusion, ‘Educated⁢ (Chinese Edition)’ by Nanhai ‌publishing company is a captivating masterpiece that⁢ has left us in awe of its⁢ thought-provoking narrative. This beautifully written book takes readers on a journey through the power of education and the resilience of the human spirit.

From its engaging storytelling to ⁣its ⁣deep exploration of the‌ importance of knowledge, ‘Educated’ ⁤presents​ a ⁤world of⁣ insight and inspiration. The Chinese edition of this book allows readers to immerse themselves ​in the⁢ mesmerizing prose while discovering the ​power of⁣ education in a new language.

The attention to detail‌ in this first edition is exceptional, with a hardcover that exudes elegance ⁣and durability. The compact dimensions and weight make​ it ideal for carrying⁤ around, ensuring that you can enjoy this enlightening book ⁢anytime and anywhere.

Whether you’re‌ a native ⁢Chinese speaker looking to expand your literary horizons or just beginning your journey with‍ the language,​ ‘Educated (Chinese Edition)’⁣ is a must-have addition‌ to your bookshelf. Its profound‍ messages and⁢ compelling storytelling will leave an indelible mark on⁤ your mind.

If ⁣you’re ready‍ to embark on⁤ a journey of knowledge and self-discovery, we ‌encourage you to click here ⁢ to explore ⁢’Educated (Chinese Edition)’ on‌ Amazon. Prepare to be captivated by this extraordinary book and immerse yourself in a world of intellectual enlightenment.

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