Exploring Jinan University’s Chinese Vol. 4 Set: Textbook & Exercises A&B

Exploring Jinan University’s Chinese Vol. 4 Set: Textbook & Exercises A&B

Welcome to our review of the 暨南大学中文教材第4册(新版, 1套, 含课本及A, B练习本), Jinan University’s Zhongwen (Chinese) Vol. 4! As language enthusiasts, we are always on the lookout for high-quality resources to help us improve our Chinese language skills. In this post, we will be sharing our thoughts and experiences with this new version of Jinan University’s Chinese textbook and exercise set.

From the beautifully designed textbook to the comprehensive A and B exercise books, we delved into the contents of this set with excitement and curiosity. Join us as we explore the features, layout, and effectiveness of this learning material in our pursuit of mastering Chinese language proficiency. Let’s dive in and discover what this product has to offer for language learners like us!

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As we delve into the depths of Jinan University’s Zhongwen Vol. 4, we are greeted with a comprehensive set that includes not only the textbook but also exercise A and B workbooks. The new version offers a fresh perspective on learning Chinese, making it an exciting journey for language enthusiasts.

With 370 pages of staple bound goodness, this set is a treasure trove of knowledge waiting to be discovered. The Simplified Chinese language used throughout ensures clarity and ease of understanding. The ISBN numbers provided give assurance of authenticity and easy access to additional resources. At a weight of 11.2 ounces, this set is lightweight and portable, making it perfect for studying on the go.

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Exciting Features and Aspects

When exploring the of this Jinan University’s Zhongwen Vol. 4 set, I was impressed by the comprehensive content it offers. With 370 pages packed with valuable knowledge and exercises, this set provides learners with a thorough understanding of Simplified Chinese. The staple bound format ensures durability and ease of use, allowing us to focus on our studies without worrying about wear and tear.

One standout feature of this set is the inclusion of not just the textbook, but also exercise books A and B. This holistic approach to learning ensures that we have ample opportunities to practice and reinforce our understanding of the material. The ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 details provided make it easy to reference and locate this product, while the manageable weight of 11.2 ounces makes it convenient to carry around for on-the-go study sessions. Experience the benefits of this comprehensive language learning set by getting your hands on it today! Get yours now!

Detailed Insights and Recommendations

After thoroughly examining Jinan University’s Zhongwen Vol. 4, we have come up with some for potential buyers. The textbook, exercise A, and exercise B included in this set are designed to help learners immerse themselves in the Chinese language effectively.

With 370 pages of content, this set offers a comprehensive learning experience. We suggest utilizing the exercises in combination with the textbook for a well-rounded approach to mastering the Simplified Chinese language. The staple binding of the books ensures durability for long-term use, making it a practical investment for your language-learning journey.

Details Information
Publisher Jinan University
Language Simplified Chinese
Pages 370
Weight 11.2 ounces

For those looking to enhance their Chinese language skills, Jinan University’s Zhongwen Vol. 4 is a valuable resource. If you’re ready to take your language learning to the next level, click here to make your purchase today!

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing customer reviews for Jinan University’s Chinese Vol. 4 set, we found that overall, customers are pleased with the content and layout of the textbook and exercise books. Here are some key takeaways from their feedback:

  1. Focus on Reading: Customers noted that this set emphasizes reading more than learning Chinese characters. The inclusion of an extra reading piece at the end of the textbook was particularly appreciated.
  2. Pinyin Assistance: Many customers appreciated that Pinyin was included on top of the Chinese characters to help with understanding. This feature was especially helpful for kids learning Chinese as a second language.
  3. Comprehensive Practice: The exercise books were praised for providing ample practice on characters, words, and sentences. Customers found this helpful for building their child’s reading, writing, and speaking abilities in Chinese.
  4. Fast Delivery: Customers were pleasantly surprised by the fast delivery of the books. However, some expressed concern about the packaging, as the thin paper envelope used was often damaged upon arrival.

Customer Ratings Summary

Rating Feedback
5 stars Great content, helpful Pinyin, comprehensive practice
4 stars Fast delivery, but packaging could be improved
3 stars Enjoying the reading emphasis, but some issues with packaging

Overall, customers seem to be satisfied with Jinan University’s Chinese Vol. 4 set, appreciating its focus on reading, Pinyin assistance, and comprehensive practice materials. While delivery was quick, there were concerns over the packaging quality. We recommend this set for parents looking to enhance their child’s Chinese language skills!

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of Jinan University’s Chinese Vol. 4 Set:


  • Comprehensive content covering advanced Chinese language skills
  • Includes both textbook and exercise books for thorough practice
  • New version with updated materials and exercises
  • Published by reputable Jinan University


  • Written in Simplified Chinese, which may not be suitable for learners of Traditional Chinese
  • Staple bound format may not be as durable as hardcover or spiral-bound books
  • Some exercises may be challenging for beginners


Q: Is this set suitable for beginner Chinese learners?

A: Yes, this set is designed for learners at an intermediate level, specifically for students studying Chinese at Jinan University. If you are a beginner, we recommend starting with a lower level textbook before progressing to Vol. 4.

Q: Are the exercises challenging?

A: The exercises in both the A and B exercise books are designed to reinforce the material covered in the textbook. They provide a good amount of practice, but we wouldn’t say they are overly challenging. However, they are definitely effective in helping to solidify your understanding of the content.

Q: How is the quality of the textbook?

A: The textbook is well-produced with clear, easy-to-read text and colorful illustrations that help to visually explain the lesson material. The content is engaging and covers a range of topics to enhance your Chinese language skills.

Q: Can this set be used for self-study?

A: While this set is primarily designed for classroom use, motivated learners could definitely use it for self-study. However, having a teacher or tutor to guide you through the material and provide feedback would be beneficial.

Q: Is the set worth the price?

A: Considering the quality of the materials and the comprehensive nature of the set, we believe it is worth the price. It’s a valuable resource for intermediate Chinese learners looking to further their language skills.

Embody Excellence

As we come to the end of our exploration of Jinan University’s Chinese Vol. 4 set, we hope that our review has provided you with valuable insights into this textbook and exercise collection. Whether you are a student looking to enhance your Chinese language skills or a teacher seeking a comprehensive resource for your classroom, this set offers a well-rounded approach to learning.

If you are interested in delving deeper into Jinan University’s Chinese Vol. 4 set, you can find more information and purchase the product by clicking the following link: Purchase Here.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through the pages of this educational tool. We look forward to bringing you more reviews and insights in the future. Happy learning!

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