Revolutionize Your Pantry: ProGlide Pull-Out Shelves Review

Revolutionize Your Pantry: ProGlide Pull-Out Shelves Review

Welcome to our review ‌of the LYNK PROFESSIONAL®⁤ SELECT™ Pull Out Cabinet Organizer!‌ If you’re like us and are constantly searching for ‌ways to maximize storage⁣ space in your kitchen, then you’ll appreciate the convenience and functionality that‍ this product has to offer.‌ We recently had the opportunity to try out this 14″ x 21″ Slide Out Drawer ‌for Kitchen Cabinets, and we ‌were⁣ truly impressed by its quality ⁣and design.

The unique PROGLIDE system with⁢ commercial glides underneath the drawers provides unparalleled ⁣strength and support,‍ making it capable ​of‍ holding even the heaviest pots and pans without bending or sagging. The patented PROGLIDE HEAVY-DUTY BALL BEARING GLIDE SYSTEM ensures smooth sliding every time, even under extreme ‍loads.

Not only is the LYNK PROFESSIONAL® SELECT™⁣ Cabinet Organizer⁢ durable and reliable, ‌but it ⁣also features ​a​ polished steel and⁤ anti-rust chrome finish that adds a⁢ touch of elegance ⁣to⁢ your kitchen cabinets.​ The easy installation process with the⁢ clever alignment guide makes setting up this⁤ organizer a breeze, and you’ll be enjoying a beautifully organized kitchen in no ⁢time.

Stay tuned as we dive deeper‍ into⁢ our experience with this innovative ⁣cabinet organizer ⁣and share all the details‍ you need to know before making a purchase. Get ready to smile every time you open your​ cabinets with the LYNK PROFESSIONAL® ⁣SELECT™ Pull⁣ Out Cabinet Organizer!

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Our experience with ‌the LYNK PROFESSIONAL®⁤ SELECT™⁢ Pull Out Cabinet Organizer has been nothing ‌short of impressive. The unrivaled strength of the PROGLIDE⁢ system truly sets this product apart,​ as the ⁢commercial glides and reinforced cross bars provide ‍ample support for even the heaviest⁢ of pots and⁣ pans. The patented PROGLIDE HEAVY-DUTY BALL BEARING GLIDE SYSTEM ensures smooth sliding every‍ time, maintaining durability under extreme loads. The polished steel and anti-rust chrome finish⁣ give a professional quality‌ feel to our kitchen cabinets, making organization a breeze.

Setting up this cabinet organizer was a breeze thanks to the clever ‍alignment guide ⁣that did all the⁤ work for us. The EASY MOUNT design ​required no measuring and ‍installed seamlessly in just minutes. Each time we open our cabinets, we can’t help but smile at how everything is ‌perfectly in place and easily accessible. The elegant laminated wood,​ polished metal, and anti-rust chrome finish add‌ a touch ⁤of ⁢sophistication to ⁢our kitchen, making it not‍ only⁤ functional but​ aesthetically pleasing​ as well. Experience the convenience and ‍durability of‍ the LYNK PROFESSIONAL® SELECT™ Pull Out ⁢Cabinet Organizer for yourself – it’s truly unparalleled.

Key Features ⁣and⁢ Benefits

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Our LYNK PROFESSIONAL® SELECT™ Pull Out Cabinet Organizer‌ stands​ out in terms of strength and⁤ durability. The patented⁢ PROGLIDE system with commercial glides and reinforced cross bars ensures that the drawers‌ can support heavy weights without sagging‍ or bending. The‍ heavy-duty ball bearing glide system guarantees smooth sliding, even under extreme loads, making it easy to access your‌ pots and pans with ease. The polished steel and anti-rust chrome finish⁤ add a ​professional ‍touch to your kitchen, ‌while the laminated​ wood shelves create ⁣a sleek and seamless look.

Setting up⁣ the LYNK PROFESSIONAL® SELECT™ Pull Out ⁢Cabinet Organizer is a breeze thanks to the⁢ clever‌ alignment guide that does all the work for you. The easy mount design ⁣requires no measuring and can be installed⁤ in minutes to the bottom of your cabinet ‍or on shelving. Experience the convenience of⁢ having everything at ⁢your ⁢fingertips every time you open your cabinets. Enhance the ⁣beauty of⁣ your‌ kitchen‌ with our high-quality⁣ organizer‍ and enjoy the professional look and feel it brings‌ to your home. ​For a product that combines durability, functionality, and⁤ style, look no ⁣further than our LYNK PROFESSIONAL® ‍SELECT™ Pull Out Cabinet Organizer. Ready to upgrade your kitchen⁤ storage? Click here to ​get yours today!

In-depth Analysis and Recommendations

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When it comes to organization and durability, the‍ LYNK PROFESSIONAL® SELECT™ Pull Out Cabinet Organizer truly stands out. The patented PROGLIDE system with heavy-duty ball bearing ​glides ensures ​smooth sliding even ⁤under the heaviest loads, eliminating‌ sagging and bending. The commercial⁢ glides underneath‍ the drawers with reinforced cross bars maximize storage space while providing ⁤a sleek and seamless look.​ This⁤ organizer is built to ⁢industrial standards, with polished ⁢steel and an anti-rust chrome⁣ finish​ for unparalleled ‌durability. The setup ⁢is‍ incredibly⁢ easy with ‌the clever alignment guide, requiring no measuring and installing in minutes.

Every time we ⁢open our cabinets, ​we can’t help but smile at the thought of having everything at our fingertips.‌ The elegant laminated wood, ⁢polished metal, and anti-rust chrome finish make the inside of our cabinets as beautiful as​ the outside. ⁣With a lifetime ⁤limited warranty provided by LYNK PROFESSIONAL, we have peace of mind ‍knowing that we are investing ​in​ a high-quality product. If you’re⁤ looking‌ to upgrade your kitchen cabinets and‌ experience the convenience ‌of sliding pantry shelves and roll-out pots and ‌pans ​shelves, we highly recommend the LYNK PROFESSIONAL® SELECT™ Pull⁤ Out ​Cabinet‍ Organizer. Experience the difference for yourself by clicking ‌ here.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Cutomer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews for the LYNK ‌PROFESSIONAL® SELECT™ Pull Out Cabinet Organizer, we found ⁣a consistent ⁢theme of satisfaction and delight with the product’s quality, functionality, and ease of ‌installation.

Positive Aspects

Excellent fabrication, ​packaging, instructions
Sturdy⁢ and well-built
Smooth gliding⁣ mechanism
Adjustable shelves

The positive reviews highlighted the high quality of the ‍materials used, the smooth sliding⁢ of the shelves, and ⁢the⁤ convenience of adjustable shelves for customization.

Installation Experience

Customers expressed​ satisfaction with the ⁤installation process, praising the clear ​and easy-to-follow ⁤instructions provided. Some found it so effortless that they were able to install the⁣ shelf ​organizers themselves without any hassle.

Storage Space Optimization

Many customers reported that the pull-out shelves helped them maximize storage space in their kitchen cabinets,‍ making it easier to access items stored at the back without much effort. The adjustable shelves ‌were particularly useful in customizing the‌ storage space according to their needs.


Losing vertical storage space
Clearance on all sides

Some customers mentioned concerns about losing vertical​ storage space ⁢due to ⁣the frame and rollers of the shelf organizers. Additionally, they advised being cautious about clearance requirements on all ⁤sides when installing⁣ the shelves in ‍the cabinets.

In conclusion, the LYNK PROFESSIONAL® SELECT™ Pull Out Cabinet Organizer seems⁣ to be a top choice for those looking to revolutionize⁤ their pantry organization. With its durable construction, smooth sliding ‌mechanism,⁤ and easy installation ‌process, it has garnered positive reviews from customers who appreciate ⁢its quality‌ and functionality.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


  • Unrivaled ‍strength – the ProGlide system uses commercial⁢ glides underneath the⁤ drawers with reinforced cross bars for supporting heavy weights
  • Patented ProGlide heavy-duty ball bearing glide ⁤system ensures ⁢smooth sliding‍ even under extreme loads
  • Polished steel and⁤ anti-rust⁣ chrome finish give a⁤ professional quality look
  • Easy setup‍ with a clever ​alignment guide that requires no measuring
  • Elegant laminated ‌wood design makes your cabinets beautiful inside and ‌out
  • Lifetime limited‍ warranty ​provided by‌ Lynk Professional


1 May ⁢be on the pricier side compared to other⁣ cabinet ​organizers
2 Assembly required may take some time


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Q: Can these pull-out shelves​ support heavy pots and pans without sagging?

A: Absolutely! Our PROGLIDE system uses commercial glides and reinforced ⁢cross bars to support the heaviest weight, ensuring ⁢no sagging or bending.

Q: Is⁤ the installation process difficult?

A: Not at all! Our patented EASY ⁣MOUNT design requires no measuring and installs in minutes to the bottom of your cabinet or on shelving.

Q: How durable is the chrome⁣ finish?

A: The ‍polished steel and anti-rust chrome finish are engineered ⁢to industrial​ standards, providing ⁤unparalleled durability. Plus, it’s backed by a LIFETIME​ LIMITED WARRANTY ‌from LYNK PROFESSIONAL.

Q: Will these sliding pantry shelves maximize storage space?

A: Definitely! By placing the ​glides under the wooden drawers ‍(not on the ⁢sides), they maximize every inch⁢ of your‍ valuable storage space while providing a sleek and seamless look.‌

Transform Your World

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As we ⁤conclude our review of the LYNK PROFESSIONAL® SELECT™ Pull Out ⁣Cabinet Organizer, ‌we have to say that ‌we are truly impressed with the quality, durability, and‌ functionality that this product offers. The patented ProGlide system, heavy-duty ball bearing glide ⁤system, and easy ⁣installation process make it⁤ a standout choice⁢ for anyone looking ‌to revolutionize their pantry organization.

If you want to experience the ‌convenience and elegance of⁣ the ProGlide‌ Pull-Out Shelves for yourself, click here to purchase yours today: ​ LYNK PROFESSIONAL® SELECT™ Pull Out ⁤Cabinet Organizer. Upgrade your kitchen⁤ cabinets with ⁤sliding pantry shelves that will make you feel like a professional chef ​every ​time you open them.

Here’s to a more organized and efficient kitchen with LYNK PROFESSIONAL® SELECT™!

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