Soft as Thistledown: Review of 100% Cashmere Yarn in Lake Blue

Soft as Thistledown: Review of 100% Cashmere Yarn in Lake Blue

If‍ you’re a‍ fan of knitting or crocheting, ⁤then ⁣you’ll understand the importance of using high-quality yarn for your projects. We recently had ⁣the⁢ pleasure of trying out the 100% Cashmere Yarn in Lake Blue, and let us tell you, it did not disappoint. The luxurious feel of the ‍Mongolian Pure Cashmere Hand Knitting​ Cone Yarn is ⁤truly unmatched. The yarn is incredibly soft and light, making it a dream to‌ work ⁢with.

One of⁣ the standout features​ of⁢ this Cashmere Yarn is how ‍it changes after ‍just one wash. The fibers bloom and become even softer, ‍giving your finished piece a whole new level of‌ comfort. The delicate nature of cashmere means that some⁣ pilling ​may ⁢occur initially, but ⁤this is​ a⁢ normal result of wearing such a fine fiber and is​ easily remedied with‌ a cashmere comb.

We appreciate​ the attention to detail that goes into producing this ⁤yarn, from the 100% Pure Cashmere sourced ​from Mongolia ⁤Prairie‌ to the carefully‌ divided 100g cones with the brand ‌label “Gongxue”. The versatility ⁤of this yarn is ‌also ⁢worth mentioning, as it can be woven in multiple strands if‍ desired.

Overall, we were thoroughly impressed with the⁣ quality and feel of the ‌100% Cashmere Yarn, and we highly recommend it to any fellow crafters looking to create something truly special. Whether you’re making‌ a sweater, shawl, hat, ​or ⁤any other project, this yarn is sure to elevate your ​creations to new heights of luxury.

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The‌ 100% Cashmere Yarn in Lake Blue is truly a luxurious knitting yarn that promises a ⁢delightful handle and feel after just one⁤ wash. As one thrilled customer described‌ it, the yarn is ‌as ‌light as thistledown and⁣ only gets softer with each wash, allowing the ‍fibers to bloom beautifully. When cleaning your cashmere fabric⁢ for the first​ time, it’s recommended to use shrinking​ detergent and softener together for the best effect, while subsequent cleanings‌ can be done with ordinary sweater care‍ solutions. Don’t be alarmed by pilling after initial wears, as this is a natural occurrence ‍due to the fine fibers rubbing together, easily ​remedied‍ either by hand-picking or with a ​cashmere comb.

Our 100% ⁣Cashmere Yarn is made ‌of pure natural‍ fiber,‌ providing exceptional softness,‍ superb workability, and impressive⁣ temperature-compensating and‌ insulating ‍properties. ⁢This skinny yarn is ideal for crafting snuggly sweaters, shawls, hats, and more, offering ‌endless versatility in your knitting projects. Each cone contains a generous length of 1200 yards, ensuring you​ have plenty‌ to work with for ⁢all your knitting needs. With 36+ ​different colors available, you can choose the perfect shade to suit your unique style and create ‌stunning handmade pieces. Elevate your knitting experience with ⁢the sumptuous feel and premium quality of our pure cashmere‌ yarn. Get your hands on this ⁣exquisite cashmere yarn now!

Luxuriously Soft Cashmere Yarn for Knitting⁤ and Crocheting

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The luxurious ⁣softness‌ of this cashmere yarn is unmatched – it’s like knitting with a cloud! The fibers become‌ even softer with each wash, ensuring a truly delightful finished product. The‌ quality of the cashmere allows the fibers to‌ bloom, giving your knitted or crocheted items a beautiful‌ drape and feel. Don’t be alarmed by any pilling that may occur, ⁣as it is simply a ⁤result‌ of the fine fibers rubbing together and can be⁤ easily ⁤removed with a cashmere comb or⁤ by hand.

With 36+ different colors ⁤to choose from, ‌this pure cashmere yarn is perfect for creating cozy sweaters, elegant shawls, stylish hats, and so much⁤ more. The temperature-compensating ⁣capabilities of cashmere make ​it ideal for‌ both warm and cool weather wear. Each ⁣cone contains 100g of yarn,⁢ giving you plenty to work with for your⁢ next ⁤project. Experience the luxury‌ of knitting or crocheting with pure cashmere – your​ creations ​will be as soft as thistledown ‍and as stylish as can ⁣be! Make⁤ sure to check it out on Amazon.

Features and Benefits

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The handle and​ feel of this cashmere yarn are truly exceptional. The​ softness and quality ⁤of the fibers will make your ⁤knitted creations ⁣a joy to wear. With each wash,⁣ the yarn becomes even softer, allowing ⁢the fibers ⁢to bloom for a luxurious feel. And don’t worry about pilling – it’s just a ‍natural characteristic of the fine cashmere fibers rubbing ‌together. Easily remove ‌any bobbles with ⁤a gentle hand-pick or⁢ cashmere comb.

Our 100% ⁤cashmere‍ yarn is a pure ⁣natural‌ fiber that is wonderfully soft and temperature-regulating. It is easy to work with and versatile,⁢ making it perfect⁤ for a wide range ⁢of ⁤projects like sweaters, shawls, hats, and more. Each cone contains 1200 yards of skinny yarn, perfect for weaving multiple strands for a thicker finish. And with over 36 different colors available, you can indulge ⁤your creative side with this‌ luxurious yarn. Try it ‌out for yourself and experience the softness and warmth of pure cashmere ​yarn. So why wait? ​Elevate your knitting and ‌crocheting projects with our Mongolian cashmere yarn ⁢today!

Why You Should Choose 100% Cashmere⁣ Yarn

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When it comes to ‍choosing‌ the perfect yarn for your knitting or crocheting projects,​ 100% ⁤Cashmere Yarn is a luxurious option that ⁢stands out from the rest. The softness and quality of this pure cashmere yarn are unbeatable, making‍ it ‍a joy to work with. With each wash, the yarn becomes even softer, allowing the fibers to bloom and creating a heavenly handle and feel. One delighted customer even described it‍ as “light as thistledown”, illustrating ⁤just ‍how delightful this yarn truly is.

Not only ⁢does 100% Cashmere Yarn offer exceptional softness and comfort, but it also‍ boasts ‍extraordinary temperature-compensating capabilities and insulating properties. This​ versatile yarn is ideal for creating a wide range‌ of items, from snuggly sweaters to elegant shawls and cozy hats. With ⁢a generous length of 1200 yards ‍per cone, you’ll have more than enough⁤ yarn to bring your creative visions to life. Whether ‍you’re a‍ seasoned crafter or​ a knitting newbie,‍ choosing 100% Cashmere Yarn is a decision you won’t regret. Experience⁢ the luxurious feel and exceptional quality for yourself – click here for‍ more details.

Detailed Insight and Recommendations

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Upon receiving and working⁢ with this cashmere yarn, we were pleasantly surprised by how soft and luxurious ⁢it feels. The quality truly shines through, and as promised, the ‍handle and feel of our knitted items improved significantly after ‌just one ‍wash. The fibers⁢ bloomed beautifully, making the yarn even softer and more delightful to work with. The delicate nature of cashmere means that some ⁣pilling may occur initially, but this can be easily managed⁢ with careful maintenance⁤ using ⁣shrinking detergent and softener for the first wash, followed‌ by regular sweater care ​solutions.

The practical 3.2 oz (100g) set ⁣we ⁣received had ​a⁣ generous length of 1200 yards per cone, providing us⁤ with ample yarn ‌for various‌ projects. The versatility of ⁤this pure cashmere yarn truly stands out – it is perfect ‍for creating cozy sweaters, elegant shawls, hats, and more. We appreciate the thoughtful packaging, with each cone labeled with the brand “Gongxue.” ‌With ‍over 36 beautiful colors ​to ​choose⁣ from, we highly recommend this cashmere yarn for a premium knitting experience. Embrace the silky-soft comfort and exceptional⁣ temperature-regulating properties of this natural fiber yarn by ⁢adding ​it to your crafting‌ repertoire.⁤ Get Yours Today!

Customer‍ Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After⁤ analyzing customer reviews for the 100% Cashmere Yarn in ⁣Lake Blue, we have gathered some valuable insights to help you make ⁢an informed purchasing decision. Let’s take a look at‌ what customers​ had to say:

Customer Review Rating Comments
Lorie Davison 5 stars This thread is beautiful in⁢ texture/weight/color. The yarn is remarkably soft and silky. ⁤Will be buying more. ​Well worth it for the price.
Customer 4 stars The yarn is generously sized and well spun. Blooms nicely when washed. A super deal for the price.
Unsatisfied Customer 1 star Product was too thin, breaks easily, and not soft. Dissatisfied with the quality.

From these reviews, we can see that opinions on the 100% Cashmere Yarn vary. While some customers found the yarn to be soft, silky, and great value for the price, others‌ were disappointed by its ⁢thinness, breakability,‍ and lack of‌ softness.

It is⁣ important to note that individual preferences and expectations greatly influence‌ customer satisfaction. If you are considering purchasing this yarn, take into⁣ account your own ⁢needs ⁤and preferences, as well as ⁤the ‍insights⁣ shared by other customers.

Ultimately, the decision to‍ buy the 100% Cashmere⁢ Yarn in Lake Blue will depend on your unique ‌requirements and ​priorities. We hope this analysis helps you in making an informed choice.

Pros & Cons

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Pros⁤ & Cons


Pros Details
Softness The cashmere yarn is luxuriously soft​ and gets even softer with each wash.
Quality 100% pure cashmere from Mongolian prairie, providing excellent temperature-compensating⁣ and insulating properties.
Versatility Ideal for making a variety⁤ of knitted items like sweaters, shawls, hats, and more.
Color Options Comes in 36+ different colors, allowing for creative and colorful‍ projects.
Convenience Comes in practical 3.2 oz (100g) cones, making it ‌easy to work with and store.


While the 100% cashmere yarn offers ⁤many benefits, there are a ⁢few drawbacks to consider:

  • Pilling: The yarn may⁢ pill after the first few wears,​ requiring some maintenance to remove the bobbles.
  • Thinness: The yarn ​is skinny, which may be challenging for those used​ to ⁢working with thicker yarns.​ Consider weaving multiple strands together for a thicker result.
  • Quantity: While originally produced in 1KG‌ cones, ‍the division into 100g cones may not​ suit everyone’s needs.


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Q: Is the 100% Cashmere Yarn really as soft as described?
A: Yes, ⁤the cashmere yarn is incredibly soft and luxurious to the touch. It truly feels‍ like knitting with thistledown!

Q: How does ​the⁣ yarn hold up⁣ after ‍washing?
A: The cashmere ‍yarn actually becomes even softer after each ⁢wash, ‌as the fibers bloom. Just remember to use shrinking⁢ detergent and softener for the first cleaning ‍to⁣ get the best effect.

Q: What should I do about pilling?
A: Don’t worry about pilling – it’s a natural occurrence with fine fibers like​ cashmere. You can easily remove the small bobbles by​ hand or with a cashmere comb.

Q: Can I use this yarn for different projects?
A: Absolutely! The​ pure cashmere yarn is versatile⁣ and ideal ‌for making sweaters,⁣ shawls, hats, and more. You ⁢can even weave multiple strands together if you prefer a thicker yarn.

Q: How much yarn do I get in a set?
A: Each practical ⁣3.2 oz (100g)‌ set contains 1200​ yards of ⁤cashmere ⁤yarn. The yarn comes in 36+ different‌ colors, so you have plenty of options for your projects.​

Achieve​ New Heights

As we wrap ⁣up our review of‌ the 100% Cashmere Yarn in Lake Blue, we ​can’t help but ​be amazed by its luxurious softness and ⁤quality.‌ This yarn truly lives ‌up to its promise of being as light as thistledown, and we are confident that any project created‍ with it will be nothing short‌ of exquisite. Remember, the more you wash and wear your cashmere creations, ⁣the softer they will⁤ become, making⁤ them even more delightful to⁤ use and cherish.

If you’re ready to bring a touch ​of ⁤pure cashmere luxury into your knitting and crocheting projects, don’t hesitate to click ​the link below and get your hands on this amazing yarn. Your creations will thank you for ⁣it!

Click here to purchase ⁤the 100% ⁣Cashmere Yarn in Lake Blue: Buy Now!

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