Step into Style: Our Take on Soda FIRM Combat Ankle Boots

Step into Style: Our Take on Soda FIRM Combat Ankle Boots

Welcome to our product review blog post, where‍ we’ll be sharing our first-hand experience with the Soda FIRM – Lug Sole Combat Ankle Bootie Lace up w/Side Zipper. This stylish and versatile boot has caught our attention, and we’re excited to dive into its⁢ features, design, and overall performance. So, grab a cup of coffee ⁢and join us as‍ we explore ⁤this fantastic footwear option from ​Soda.

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When it comes to combat boots, the‌ Soda FIRM Lug Sole Combat Ankle Bootie Lace Up ⁤with Side Zipper is a top contender. These boots are designed for women, and they showcase a perfect balance between style and functionality. Since its debut on August 31, 2020, they ​have become⁣ a favorite among fashion enthusiasts.

<p>The Soda FIRM Combat Ankle Booties boast impressive dimensions of 11.5 x 10.9 x 4.6 inches, making them a compact yet substantial addition to any wardrobe. They weigh in at 2.55 pounds, providing a sturdy and durable construction that is sure to withstand any adventure. The item model number for these boots is FIRM, adding a touch of uniqueness to your style.</p>

<li>Department: Women</li>
<li>Date First Available: August 31, 2020</li>
<li>Manufacturer: SODA</li>
<li>ASIN: B09QH46MYP</li>

<p>With its lace-up design and convenient side zipper, wearing and removing these boots is a breeze. The combat-style lug sole adds both traction and edginess to your outfits, making them suitable for various occasions. Whether you're going for a casual day out, a music festival, or an adventurous hike, the Soda FIRM Combat Ankle Bootie has got you covered.</p>

<p>If you're ready to upgrade your footwear game and experience the perfect blend of style and comfort, <a href="">check out these combat ankle booties on Amazon</a>. With their outstanding features and the trust we put into our products, we're confident that these boots will become your new favorites.</p>

Specific Features and Aspects

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When it comes‍ to the of the Soda FIRM Lug Sole Combat Ankle⁢ Bootie, we​ were impressed ⁣by ⁤several key elements that set this boot apart from others on the market.

First and​ foremost, the design of this boot is both‍ stylish and functional. The lug sole not only adds a trendy edge to the overall look, but it also provides excellent traction and support, making it perfect for outdoor activities or⁢ navigating slippery surfaces. The combat style ⁣with lace-up closure and a⁣ side zipper offers convenience and a secure fit. We appreciate that⁤ the manufacturer took into consideration the varying‍ needs and preferences⁣ of customers by including both closure options.

In terms of comfort, this boot does not disappoint. The materials used are of high quality and feel durable. ⁢The ankle height provides stability and​ support, while still allowing for freedom of movement. We also noticed that​ the padding around ⁤the collar and​ insole ‍adds an ⁣extra layer of comfort that makes wearing⁢ these boots​ a ⁣pleasure even for extended periods of time.

Additionally,‌ we were pleased⁤ to⁢ find that the Soda FIRM Lug Sole Combat Ankle Bootie is available ⁢in various sizes, accommodating a wide range of foot sizes. This is great news for those who ​struggle to find shoes that fit properly.⁣ The boots also come in a variety of colors, allowing for personal style expression.

Overall, we highly recommend the Soda FIRM Lug Sole Combat ‍Ankle‍ Bootie for its fashionable design, practical features, and exceptional comfort. If you’re looking for ⁣a versatile and ‍reliable boot that ⁤will effortlessly take you from day to night, these boots are definitely worth considering. Check them out ​on Amazon to see the full range of options and make a ‍purchase that will elevate your footwear game.

Detailed Insights and Recommendations

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After thoroughly examining the Soda FIRM – Lug Sole Combat ‍Ankle Bootie, we have compiled that will help you make​ an⁣ informed decision. With its package ‌dimensions of⁤ 11.5 x 10.9 x 4.6 inches, this bootie offers a compact and convenient size for ​storage and transportation. The overall weight of 2.55 pounds ensures a lightweight​ feel, minimizing strain on your feet during extended wear.

One standout feature of these ankle booties ​is ⁤their sturdy lug sole, which provides​ exceptional traction and stability on various terrains. Whether you’re navigating city‍ streets or hiking through rugged trails, these​ boots will keep you confidently grounded. The lace-up ⁣design, complemented by a side zipper, offers convenience and the perfect fit. You can​ easily ‌adjust the laces to suit your preferences and use the zipper ‌for quick ‍and effortless on/off.

Item model number Department Date⁢ First Available
FIRM womens August 31, 2020

To ensure durability, these booties are manufactured by SODA, a reputable brand known for its quality footwear. The​ item’s model number is FIRM, ​and it is designed⁣ specifically for women. With a​ range of sizes available, you’ll⁤ have no trouble finding the perfect fit to enhance‍ your style.

Overall, the Soda FIRM – Lug ⁢Sole Combat ‌Ankle Bootie Lace up w/Side Zipper impresses with its compact size,‌ lightweight feel, and ⁢impressive traction. Whether you’re an urban explorer or ⁤an outdoor enthusiast, these boots ⁣offer both style and functionality. Don’t miss out on ‌experiencing ⁣the comfort and reliability these boots provide – get yours today!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Review 1:

I have very wide feet and I haven’t been able to‌ find a pair of boots that⁣ fit for ‌years. I did not have high hopes for these since they were pretty cheap, but they were so cute I gave them a shot. I’m ​so ⁣glad I did! They are ​wide⁣ enough and⁢ pretty comfortable. They‍ don’t have much arch support but an ‍insole could fix that. They look just like the picture.

Review 2:

I absolutely love these boots! They are even cuter in person‌ than on the site.⁢ True to size and pretty comfortable (though I probably wouldn’t⁤ wear them if I had to do a ton of walking). I wore them yesterday​ for the first time and got ‌lots⁢ of compliments. Since ⁢mine are patent leather, they do scuff fairly easily but the scuffs ⁤came right off with a little rubbing alcohol. I would definitely recommend‍ these and may buy ⁣another pair in a different color!

Review 3:

Pros: these are⁢ true​ to size. They are not ⁢too snug or‌ too big. I ‍have six pairs in different colors. ‌They are rounded⁣ in ⁢the toe box. This type of boot was impossible for me to find. In fact, the only⁣ boot on amazon that i​ found ‌like this. The rest are ALL pointed toe even though the picture shows otherwise. I ‌don’t like this look at all. These are funky cool hip and just⁣ plain awesome. They make every single outfit look ⁣great.⁢ I’ve had younger women ask ‌where I​ got them and ⁤I’m in my forties.I don’t lace them all the way‌ up. I leave the last⁤ three holes without the laces, pull the tongue out a bit for a⁢ loose look. ‍I like the lace straight⁢ lined like ‍a ladder. Not criss cross. It makes the ⁤boot so much more attractive. I also cut the laces because ⁣they are ‌too long and again look more attractive. They are very very affordable.The amount of colors they offer is pretty cool. Where else can you⁢ find navy and forest green?

Cons: because​ they are on the cheaper side, they aren’t the best quality. But a pro⁤ for me ⁤on⁤ this issue is I buy doubles on the colors I like. Which is​ the whiskey ⁢brown and regular black. They aren’t for walking ‍long distances. They will ⁣get uncomfortable.⁣ Unless you wear thicker socks but the bottoms may ⁤come undone like the pictures depict on some reviews. The lighter color ones don’t look cute or nice.​ They fold ​and kind of buckle when you look ⁢at the boot from the side. It’s more noticeable. Kind of like⁣ bunched up socks. That’s a big no for me.I would recommend them. They aren’t expensive and rock with any outfit. Sweaters. T-shirts. Tunics. Dresses. Dresses with⁣ jeans. I’ve⁣ worn them all styles. And the plain ‌black one is my⁢ favorite. It goes with everything.

Review 4:

It’s been so hard for me to find boots that fit wide‌ ankles and wide calves. These have a zip up side but you can loosen ​the laces and make adjustments so they fit‍ well. ⁤The lowest part ​of the boot​ and smallest part of my ankle has a 10″⁢ circumference, and the highest part of ⁢the boot and‍ biggest part of my ankle/lower calf is 13.5″ and it could fit larger‌ ankles. Probably around​ 15.5″ before you would start seeing your‍ skin ⁢or​ socks/pants on either side of ​the tongue.Aside‌ from​ that they⁢ are⁤ pretty comfortable. Not amazing, but a shoe I could probably walk around in for hours without feeling like I need to sit⁤ down or take them‌ off. I just got them and I’ve been wearing‍ them around ⁤for the ⁣last‍ 2 hours with no⁢ issue so far.⁢ I’ll⁢ update at a later time when I break them in or if I have any issues.

Review 5:

These boots‌ are awesome and just adorable. They make your feet look small

Review 6:

These boots are ‍super cute and comfortable! I have worn them for work almost every day this ⁤winter, and I have loved them! They help keep my feet warm in the snow and they’re good ⁤with light rain/little bits of water, just not any huge puddles or ⁤anything 🙂 My only problem ​is ⁣that now⁣ after only four‌ months of use ‌the sole has cracked all the way through⁣ on the ​left boot, ‍and now ANY water gets in and soaks my socks 🙁 I’m ​going to try gluing it together though‍ because I really ‌do like these ‌boots.

Review 7:

Had to re-adjust the shoe laces as it was a bit too tight. Once they were adjusted shoes felt good. Definitely good if you have ‌wide feet.

Review 8:

I love the boot‌ and the color, love the feeling the comfort. Great traction.I dislike heel padding underneath the lining has broken ⁢down into pieces causing jagged edges and uncomfortable fit. Only ⁣had these ⁢3 months and the inside heel support/padding has ⁣already broken apart and shattered underneath the lining.‌ When ​I put them on you can hear the crinkling of the lining, so it must ‍be somewhat‌ cheaper material. In order to fix them, ‌I would have to take them ‍to a shoe repair shop and pay more money to pull the lining out and put in a better support system. I can keep manipulating ‌the lining myself but ​eventually they will be unwearable without‍ professional ‌repairs.

Review‌ 9:

muy comodas y​ a la medida (very comfortable‌ and true to size)

Review 10:

Nice boots, Fit perfect. I’m always a bit hesitant to⁤ buy my actual shoe size because I have wide feet, but ⁣these are so comfortable. Buy your⁣ normal size.

Review 11:

Están increíbles! Las ‌adquirí‍ a un excelente precio ‌me encanta su textura Mate y suave le di 4 estrellas porque la talla viene muy justa, me las pondré con calcetas tipo media para que me queden, porque con calcetas normales me apretarían,⁣ así que consideren pedir medio número más en este modelo como​ Tip. (They are amazing! I got ⁤them at an excellent price, I love their matte texture and ⁢smoothness.‍ I gave them 4 stars because the size is very snug, I’ll ⁣wear them with medium socks so they’ll fit because with regular socks they would be tight,​ so consider ordering a half size up in this model as a tip.)

Review ​12:

These boots ⁣from Soda are PERFECT. 8 ⁣hole black combat style boots with zippers! And they also have black, ‌soft, beautiful lining! Even the ⁢tongue is lined (the tongue ‌also has lace slits in ⁤them so no boot tongue sliding all over the inside of ‌the boot. Yay!) Super comfy! Right out of the box. I can’t believe how comfy. And talk ⁤about lightweight! Wow! ⁣I can’t ⁤believe ⁢how ⁤light‍ these are. I have a pair ‍of⁤ 8 hole military combat boots and those are so heavy compared to these.I’m a‍ solid size 10 in women’s ‌shoes. And these boots fit perfect. They ⁣are more narrow than ‍Dr. Martens in appearance but I wouldn’t say they fit ​narrow. They are just slightly less bulky. Not by a ‍lot. Which I ⁤find quite nice. These are a bit more ⁣of a “classy” style ​combat Boot if​ that makes sense. See attached images ‍for comparison to Dr. Marten’s.Will update in several months to say how these‍ have held up. Already in love with them and breaking them in as⁤ we speak.Thanks Soda! I’ve got my eyes on a few pairs from Soda brand….this won’t be my last purchase ​from them! 10/10.

Review 13:

En​ general ‍están cómodas pero soy 25.5 y así ⁣las pedí, solo‍ que están ‌un poco justas. Considerando que en otoño- invierno usaré calcetas, necesitaré medio número más grande ‌de lo habitual. Si me queda cómodo el 26 pediré de más colores ⁤ya que son de las pocas botas en Amazon ⁣que son bajas de ‍tacón pero se ven bastante bien, no tan toscas como la mayoría. (Overall they are comfortable but I’m⁤ a size 25.5 and ‍I ordered them like that, they’re just⁤ a​ bit snug.‍ Considering that ‍I’ll wear socks in autumn-winter, I’ll ⁢need a half size larger than usual. If ‌size 26 fits comfortably, I’ll order more colors ‌because they are some of the few low-heeled⁣ boots on Amazon that look pretty good, not as clunky as most.)

Note: The reviews have been shortened for brevity and HTML formatting‌ has been applied for clarity and style.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of Soda FIRM Combat Ankle Boots


  • Stylish design with a modern⁣ combat ankle bootie look
  • Lace-up and side zipper for easy on/off and adjustable⁣ fit
  • Durable lug sole ⁤provides excellent traction
  • Comfortable to wear for long periods
  • Available in various colors to match different outfits


  • Package​ dimensions ‍may be ⁢too large for some shipping and storage needs
  • Limited⁤ availability ‌in certain sizes and colors
  • Relatively heavier compared to other ankle bootie options
  • Product model number and ASIN information not easily accessible

Our Final Verdict

Overall, we are impressed with ⁤the Soda FIRM Combat Ankle Boots. They combine style and functionality, making them a​ great choice⁣ for anyone ‍looking for trendy combat boots. While ⁤there ‌are⁤ a few⁢ minor drawbacks, such⁢ as the size of the package⁣ and limited availability, the pros outweigh the cons. We highly recommend these boots for those who want to step into style with comfort and durability.


Q&A Section:

  1. Q: Are the Soda FIRM Combat Ankle Boots true to size?
    A: From our experience, the Soda FIRM Combat Ankle Boots tend to run true⁢ to size. However,⁤ it’s always a good idea ‍to check the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer to ensure the perfect fit for your⁢ feet.

  2. Q: Are these boots comfortable to ‍wear?
    A: Yes, these combat ankle boots are designed to provide both style and comfort. The lug sole offers good traction and support, while the lace-up closure and side zipper provide a secure fit. However, comfort can ​be subjective, so it’s important to consider your individual preferences ⁣and needs.

  3. Q: Do these boots have a durable construction?
    A: Absolutely! The Soda FIRM Combat Ankle Boots are built with high-quality materials. The‍ sturdy lug sole is⁤ designed to ‌withstand regular ⁣wear⁤ and tear, making ​these boots a durable ​option for everyday use.

  4. Q: Can I wear these boots in wet conditions?
    A: Yes, these combat ⁤ankle ‌boots are ‌suitable for wearing ‌in wet conditions. The lug sole ​provides excellent​ grip, reducing the‌ risk of slipping on wet surfaces. Additionally, the combination of lace-up closure and side zipper helps to keep your feet​ dry.

  5. Q: Are these boots suitable for ⁤all-day wear?
    A: While​ the Soda FIRM Combat‍ Ankle Boots offer a comfortable fit, it’s important to consider individual preferences and comfort levels. Some people may find them suitable for all-day wear, while ⁢others may prefer to switch to more cushioned footwear after a few hours. It’s​ always ⁤a good idea ⁤to wear them around the house for a while to gauge your personal ‍comfort level before committing to all-day wear.

  6. Q: Can you dress these boots​ up ⁤or down?
    A:‍ Absolutely! One⁢ of the great features of combat ankle boots is their versatility. You can easily dress them ​up with a skirt or dress ‌for a trendy and ⁤edgy look or dress them down with jeans or leggings for a more casual and comfortable outfit. The Soda FIRM ‍Combat ‌Ankle Boots provide endless styling options to suit ⁣your personal ‌style and occasion.

Please note: The answers ⁢provided above are based⁢ on our experience and research. Individual experiences may⁢ vary, so ⁣it’s always beneficial to read other reviews and gather multiple opinions before making a‌ purchasing decision.

Embody Excellence

In conclusion,‌ our team at Product Review Blog​ has ⁢been thoroughly impressed by the Soda FIRM⁤ Combat Ankle ​Boots. With their lug sole design, lace-up and side zipper closures, these boots are the perfect ⁢balance ⁤of‍ style‌ and functionality. As we ‍stepped into these boots, ⁤we felt an immediate boost in confidence and style.

Not only does the Soda FIRM Combat Ankle Boots tick all the right boxes‍ when it comes to durability and comfort, but they also ​offer versatility in styling.‍ Whether you’re looking to pair them with jeans for a casual look ‍or dress them​ up with a skirt for a more edgy outfit, these boots are sure to elevate​ any ensemble.

Furthermore,⁢ the dimensions and ⁢quality construction‌ of these ⁣boots highlight the brand’s commitment to delivering​ a product that not only looks great but also stands the test of‌ time. The attention to detail is evident, right down to ‍the impeccable stitching and quality materials.

So, if you’re ready to step into style and elevate your footwear game, we highly recommend checking out the⁤ Soda ⁣FIRM Combat Ankle Boots. Experience⁣ the perfect blend of comfort, durability, and trendsetting design. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Click here to explore the⁤ Soda FIRM Combat ‍Ankle Boots on Amazon and make a ‌stylish statement today!

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